What are the benefits to using HMSI’s new homeowner mailing lists?
On average, 20% of families in the U.S. move each year. The new homeowner is anxious to find businesses and professionals in their new community that can fulfill their immediate needs and wants. They will spend more within the first 90 days of their move than the will after they settle in. Our reliable and accurate mailing list is your key to growing your business by targeting hot prospects ready to buy now.

What’s the best way to maximize response using HMSI’s new homeowner mailing lists?
Keep in mind - new homeowners have immediate demands for goods and services as soon as they move in. Marketers should reach them quickly – before the competition. HMSI compiles new homeowner data daily to maintain the freshest and fastest mailing list available. Businesses will generate new customers with a steady stream of targeted direct mail campaigns. Timing is everything. A new homeowner’s buying window is extremely short. Get there first. Introduce your products and services with relevant offers and incentives that will drive a prompt response. Our experts will show you how.

Given the current state of the economy, why should my business spend marketing dollars targeting new homeowners?
Especially in this economy, businesses should be targeting new homeowners to get new customers. They are credit rich and recession proof. There’s no better time to grow your business using our list. New homeowners are the #1 buying segment in America with excellent credit and money to spend on protecting their new investment. Many new homeowners are buying foreclosures and short sales below market value. Most of these homes need a lot of work – everything from roof to floor. And, regardless of economic conditions, new homeowners need to find new resources, services and commodities in their new location.

How fast does HMSI provide new homeowner names and addresses?
We are the fastest new homeowner data compiler in the United States. In most metropolitan areas, we deliver lists 3 weeks faster than other competing list company. We compile new homeowner data on a daily basis directly from the deeds as soon as they are recorded. For more than 40 years, HMSI has taken pride in fulfilling our commitment to provide the fastest, most up-to-date lists in the industry.

What are the advantages to targeting new homeowners over renters? Why not just use a mover list?
We know that new homeowners have excellent credit. They are qualified buyers with greater propensity to spend than renters. New homeowners also have more buying decision power than renters. A renter is often limited to what he can and can’t do in their dwelling and is less willing to spend money on someone else’s investment. HMSI lists do not include renters.

Why not just advertise my business in the newspaper or Yellow Pages?
HMSI provides fresh, fast, leads so that businesses can reach qualified prospects quickly. Your business needs customers. We target buyers! New homeowners need your products and services before newspapers even know they are there and Yellow Page ads only come out once a year. Our mailing lists reach buyers other mediums can’t reach.

What types of clients use HMSI leads to acquire customers? Over 3,000 businesses use our mailing lists every week and more than 1,000 businesses use HMSI subscriptions as their main lead source for new customer acquisition and many have been HMSI members for more than 25 years. Our clients range from small business to franchises to large corporations. The types of businesses that benefit from using our lists are quite extensive.

My direct mail campaign didn’t drive the results I expected. What went wrong?
Results driven marketing begins with the right data. We’ve given you the right list so chances are you need to re-evaluate your mail piece. Test multiple offers to see what drives the best response. Is your call to action compelling? Is your phone and contact information easy to find? Download our FREE “Guide To Success” to learn how you can make your direct mail work. Or contact our list experts and request samples.
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US Mortgage Foreclosures
What do U.S. mortgage foreclosures mean to many businesses? Based on current market data, CRL now projects that some 2.4 million foreclosures will occur in 2009, and 9 million between 2009-2012. According to the National Association of Realtors, almost half of all home sales today are foreclosures or "short sales" of properties sold at substantial discounts. The majority of these homes have been severely neglected - leaving it up to the new homeowners to spend money on protecting their new investment. Businesses that target these new homeowners as soon as they close escrow will certainly increase their sales and grow their revenue despite the economy. Get your HMSI new homeowners mailing list TODAY!